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These are all pretty old pictures, for the most frequently updated progress shots please visit

Welcome to my progress picture page! Here you can see my most current state of fitness and as you scroll down you will see pictures from previous weeks, all the way to the beginning of my fitness journey in August 2012. I have worked consistently each day since August 2012 and I am living proof that consistency, hard work & patience lead to success! Never quit!

I began my transformation early August 2012 and spent 12 weeks working incredibly hard and dieting strictly in order to achieve my own “perfect body” that I knew I had under all my fluff ;)

I have never been fat, in fact I have always been muscular and normal with a pretty good body I have always had confidence in…I was curvy and toned… An average 5’5 18 year old, about 140/145lbs. I wasn’t really one for drinking, so cutting alcohol was easy for me but to everyone else it seemed impossible. But ladies, trust me when I say cutting alcohol will help SO much! It is pure sugar, fat and carbs… you have no idea how many excess calories you’re consuming some times and it wreaks havoc on your metabolism (slowing it down by 72%).

Why I started my transformation: One day at the gym a trainer came up to me and ask what I was training for. I loved to run and workout but I had no goals. There were some people at my gym who trained for competitions and I was inspired. This trainer, Eugene, later became my coach throughout the competition prep process. I moved back to college so all our communication was via text, where we discussed my diet and progress. So I did about 80% of this on my own…and always made my own workouts. I workout with a Polar RS300x and without it…I’d be lost! It calculates my heartrate, time and how many calories burned. Its motivating when I see I’ve burned 700 calories and then I’m like shoot, lets go for 1000! For no other reason than the feeling of pure accomplishment. I love setting and crushing goals. So lets get started on my journey:

(Before starting my highest weight was 145, but when I started my 12 week program I was 140)

Before: 140lbs

Bust: 36inches over boobs

Waist: 29inches around smallest part

Booty: 40inches around biggest part

Thighs: 25in each around biggest part

Now: February 2013

Waist: 24/25

Weight: 115

Butt: 34/35


Current goals:

lose a little more body fat in order to really see my abs SHREDDED :) (Achieved January 2013, but continuing ab improvement)

maintain my physique and keep improving all my muscle tone

fitness modeling (Achieved December 2012)

sponsorship by ANYONE! (Possible sponsorship by FEWDM – Dec 2012)


nutrition and training licenses (achieved April 2012)

Pro card!!!

I hope you are inspired! It just goes to show you can accomplish ANYTHING you set your mind to! I worked EVERY DAY and I didnt cheat my diet! Consistency is key! and patience!



11 thoughts on “Progress Pictures & Instagram

  1. I find these transformation pictures incredibly inspiring! I love your dedication and determination! I am a first year college student and have gained the freshman 15. Not all of it is fat, I play college softball and have done a lot of weight lifting (my new love) but I have also gained some fat around my gut that I didn’t used to have from eating poorly. This summer I am really trying to lose that weight and get back into a healthy lifestyle, I am curious what were your workouts like during this process? I have done extensive research about proper nutrition and clean eating and such but there is such a variation of workouts I am just curios what you did. I personally really enjoy doing videos like p90X, Insanity, and JIllian Michael’s videos and will do one or two a day along with either more cardio (like speed training, stairs, sprints, uphill runs) or weight lifting. Do you think that is enough-or I guess just your thoughts would be nice! Thanks! Love your website.

  2. hello Leah… can you explain me what people mean when they say that you cant lose fat and gain muscle at the same time? is it true? because watching your pictures make me disagree them.. you lost weight and inches and when you started (August 2012) you were not as lean as you are today.. maybe i am misunderstanding what they are trying to say. Thank you!
    ps. im sorry if something is written wrong!
    i speak spanish

  3. Came across your IG page and am wanting to possibly enter a fitness comp or have my body prepped anyways by next year. If you purchase a consultation and then decide to pirchase a bigger package do you have to have another consultation with a bigger plan? Thanks for your time.


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